Joseph Amati

Bob is among the best researchers I have worked with. He has an innate ability to derive and communicate fact-driven insight. You can expect him to speak intelligently and convincingly about both individual findings and C-level strategy. The quality of his research, the depth of his insight, and his personal integrity are overshadowed only by […]

Allen Bessel

For years, I’ve relied on Bob for his straight-up advice and counsel on how to get to the right answer the right way. His intellect, experience and commitment to delivering outstanding value make him a highly dependable and credible advisor. He relates easily and effectively to all levels of the organization by adapting his approach […]

Nelson Pascua

If you are just looking for a ‘Yes-man’ that will hand-hold you to mediocrity, then Bob is not the right person for you. However, if you want game-changing ideas, recommendations for practical and reasonable tactics, and real measurable business results, you will be hard pressed to find a better business partner than Bob.